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Producing wines in Almería

After being founded in 2004 by winegrowers with vineyards in production, it was in 2009 when the Suárez family took over the management.

Starting from 0, with no family tradition in winemaking, our philosophy in the winery is to seek the balance of respect for the natural in processes such as filtration, stabilization or non-mechanized harvest, without giving up the latest advances in oenology in stages such as clarification. , fermentation or hygiene controls.

Consistency, continuous improvement and the desire to learn are basic for those of us who make wine a way of life.

I.G.P Láujar - Alpujarra

Among our nearly 40 hectares of vineyards, we find fully adapted varieties such as Tamranillo, Syrah, Merlot and Macabeo, in red wines. In whites Macebeo, Viognier or Jaén Blanco (native to the area).

Andarax valley

High altitude

The vineyard rises from 950 m. altitude above sea level. Concentrated in a radius of 5 km. in the Andarax Valley. The microplots are sheltered by high peaks, such as the Gádor and Almirez mountain ranges. And in the background, Sierra Nevada.



The work is very respectful of the vines and uses ecological fertilizers and Minimal preventive treatments (sulfur only) and without having to resort to physiotherapy or herbicides. But also demanding with various tillages, green pruning or manual cut.

Microclima y terroir

Soil and climate

There is an ideal microclimate for mainly clay soils, which together with an extreme climate, with snowfall and strong drafts in Winter and  The adequate sunlight of the fruits, with mild night temperatures in Summer, we achieve excellent ripening parameters in the harvest.

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