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Instalaciones Bodega Fuente Victoria

Bodega Fuente Victoria

Our winery takes the name of the town where it is located: Fuente Victoria. This one it has a population of no more than 200 people.

We are inside of Alpujarra region, which has a long tradition of vineyards and  wine elaboration.  

And it is now when an excellent grape quality and the most modern means, lead us to the goal of reach Almería wines to the place they deserve.

Sulayr, Talento y Cabal

Our way of understanding how elaborate wine is based on the balance between naturalness, passion and own personality in vinification and adapting its marketing to what the hotel industry and the final consumer demands.

Nacho Suárez, winemaker

Sulayr 2022 Macabeo - Jaén Blanco - Viognier
Cabal 2021 Selección Tempranillo
Talento 2022  Syrah - Merlot

Almería wine tourism

From Alcolea to Fondón, in a small area of 5 km, there are each and every one of the vines from which we collect the fruit every year, at the end of August. Vineyards of more than 20 years that have all the good of the Mediterranean climate and the virtues of the high Mountain, at more than 1000 meters above sea level.

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