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Talento Syrah - Merlot 2022

Talento 2022

"Tomate la vida con Talento"


Red wine aged in American oak for 3 months

Grapes: Syrah y Merlot.

Clay and silt soils with medium-low water retention capacity.

Room service: 12º- 14º

Alcohol: 14,5º

Elaboration The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, always choosing those that will allow optimal winemaking. Once in the winery, we sell those batches that do not have good phenolic maturity for bulk sale. After grinding, we macerate for no more than 10 days, with daily controls of temperatures and densities. Fermentation is based on Mediterranean yeasts, for each variety, with controls for easily assimilable nitrogen, probable degree, PH, total acidity, temperatures and densities. Sulphurous controls are also carried out, with red wines having one of the lowest sulphite levels in our country. After assembling the varieties, which have been fermented by single varietals, malolastic controls are carried out so that reductions do not appear. Next, we age the wine in American oak barrels for 3 months, opting for a more fruity cut of this wine. Clarification is carried out with animal gelatin and bentonite. Filtration (diatoms) and stabilization (fridge method) are completed by natural means, ending before bottling with bacterial microfiltration.

Tasting sheet: High cape, cherry red color, with violet trim. On the nose, it presents aromas of red and black fruits such as blueberries, plum and cherry, with notes of white pepper and bay leaf. In the mouth it is sweet, easy to drink and with good acidity.

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